What is Astrology?

Astrology is a remarkable and ancient symbolic language studying cosmic cycles and positions. It’s a science and an art that helps you plan life strategies. I offer you ways to navigate your life without fear or judgment. To accurately translate the symbolism of your natal chart, which contains thousands of details, requires time and an interactive conversation during your consultation.

Are you feeling confused? Need to know your life’s purpose? Are you looking for love with no success? Are you feeling anxious and depressed? Are you curious and drawn to astrology to get a deeper insight into your personality, strengths, and challenges? Astrology can help!

What is Your Astrology Chart? The Horoscope or Natal Chart is a snapshot of the sky the moment you take your first breath. Your astrology chart is a co-created soul contract between God and you. It is what you signed up to do, It is your plan of action, Your chart doesn’t control you, there is no good or bad in your chart, it’s your potential.

What is a Natal Chart?

Before your Consultation, I will complete a thorough analysis of your chart using the most accurate state-of-the-art software. A natal chart has thousands of informational bits that provide insights that we translate into easy-to-understand language. Astrology is a very complex language that requires an experienced and knowledgeable translator. I look at your house, signs, and planet placements, including Chiron, the Nodes, Black Moon Lilith, and the geometric relationships between them.

I provide fifty years of astrology experience when reviewing your chart. I identify your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, areas of ease, life’s purpose, soul path, partnership types, careers, ways to relax, and your emotional makeup. Your one-on-one interactive sessions reveal astrological and intuitive discoveries. You will understand your life’s purpose and why you are here. The best and most thorough reading is the complete analysis of the twelve areas of your life, a review of the planet placements, and how they relate to each other.

We recommend five one-hour sessions. Astrology is most useful when done over multiple sessions. Every astrology consultation ends with a spiritual reading to summarize the highlights of the chart. It’s incredible how the invisible world is filled with your angels, spirit guides, and positive energy cords available to provide the last word! You will be amazed at how much is revealed by astrology. Your consultation goes far deeper than just your sun sign because your natal chart contains every sign and planet in the zodiac!


Why Get A Natal Chart Consultation?

As a plan of action, the natal astrology chart precisely describes all areas of your life. Your chart gives you clarity, direction, purpose, inspiration, and empowerment. Understanding your chart helps you to be the best you can be and know yourself. It’s the most robust metaphysical tool with a five thousand-year history. It is the first time in recorded human records that ordinary people can afford to use a professional astrologer.

Are you ready to get the most information and guidance from your horoscope? Get details that will help in everyday life? To know your strengths, personality characteristics, best partner characteristics, or best career path? Know if you have psychic abilities? Understand your specific likes and dislikes? Or get ancient secrets revealed from the astrology chart?

Your Natal Chart Options

The Natal Astrology Chart is a unique representation of the sky at the moment of your birth. This fantastic chart narrates a detailed and helpful, empowering description of your life’s journey. This chart is a co-created soul contract or an owner’s life manual offering a plan of action illustrating all possibilities. As a professional astrologer, I decode your chart in easy-to-understand language that helps you recognize your life’s purpose. Prepare to take away tips and information about your life’s purpose and journey.

Our first session together is about 90 minutes. Expect to learn great info that helps you understand yourself and your potential.

Basic Natal Chart: Includes a 90 minute session for individuals who want to start their journey. Find out about your life purpose, career path, partner preferences, emotional makeup, fundamental strengths, and talents. $180

In-Depth Natal Chart: Want a deeper understanding of your chart by knowing how your planets, signs, and houses interact? The more time you study your chart, the more clarity you will have on your life. You get a total of three 1-hour sessions. $360

Thorough Natal Chart: analysis will take five 60-minute sessions. We have open and detailed conversations that answer the specific questions you may have about your chart. Understanding your chart takes time to digest all the data it has to reveal. $600

What makes you unique is the precise placement of the signs and planets. I need your birth date, place, and exact time to process the chart correctly and accurately for your understanding. The precise time of birth determines the start of your chart. If you don’t have the exact time, contact us for options.

Forecasting Sessions

Preparing for the Future

From 6000 BC, history documents the use of the planetary cycles to heal and foresee good times. Plato, Albert Einstein, Ben Franklin, Princess Diana, Lady Gaga, JP Morgan, Carl Jung, Nancy Reagan, and Beyonce have used and benefited from astrology forecasting. It’s the first time in history an average person may get a natal chart cast for free online. The problem is finding a qualified astrologer to read the chart accurately.

We use several types of charts to help you understand life more deeply and use timing for the best outcomes over time. Astrology forecasting is serious business. We choose to use all or some of the forecasting astrology charts. Every Astrology forecast session ends with a spiritual reading to summarize the highlights of the charts. It’s incredible how the invisible world filled with your angels, spirit guides, and positive energy cords is available to provide the last word!

Schedule your astrology forecast session on your birthday or new year or to check an important upcoming event!

Returning Clients are welcome to further explore specific or general insights. We discuss all pertinent influences that may affect you. A thorough exploration of transit, solar arch, solar return, progression charts reveal favorable times.

One-Year Forecast: I look at the next twelve months pinpointing upcoming astrological highlights. We always glance at your natal chart at the beginning of the session. You determine what area of life to focus on. 1-hour session $120

In-Depth Forecast: Pre-scheduled over the next twelve months. Together we look at the major highlights of each planet’s cycle. Each session ends with a psychic oracle reading. You can better understand your chart energy and how to enjoy life more. Four 1-hour sessions $480

Relationship Consultations

Compatibility Charts for Couples

Compatibility Charts for Couples, Family Members, or Business Partners. Ev uses two types of charts, Synastry and Composite, to thoroughly evaluate your combined potential.
These sessions reveal things like compatibility, insights into romance, friendship, personality, partnership types, views on money, and areas of friction. Astrology offers an objective and thorough look at two people’s harmony.

Synastry Chart: This compatibility chart views two people’s compatibility by comparing both natal charts. It shows how one person interacts with the other’s energy makeup. $360

Composite Chart: This compatibility chart represents the two people as one entity, therefore, the birth of a new union. Two- 90-minute sessions —Compatibility charts sessions will help you understand your interpersonal energies for efficient and better communication. These specific insights can save you headaches down the road. It’s the most open-minded way to view compatibility. You definitely will understand your partner better. $360

Wedding Day Chart: I cast a chart for your wedding day to give insights into your marriage. It’s incredible what the Wedding Day Chart reveals. You understand your combined energy, where you’ll shine, your values, social status, home life, and much more in a 1-hour session. $120

Conflict Resolution

You get five 1-hour sessions. You’ll get natal, synastry, composite chart analysis, oracle card reading, homework assignments, and coaching with appropriate metaphysical and neuroscience tools to improve the relationship.

Each partner meets for a 1-hour session individually, starting with the natal chart and reviewing the conflicts and desired outcomes. I take the same process with your partner. We look at the strengths and weaknesses in the third session, offering improvement options. We take a light and loving approach using all the metaphysical tools for optimal results. The last two sessions are monthly or bimonthly.

We incorporate the standard conflict resolution format with rules, steps and affirmations. $120 per hour

Manifest Your Dreams


Do you want to improve your emotional, physical, mental, and spiritual needs easily and fast? Have you tried traditional personal development with limited success? This program is custom designed for you by looking at the concrete roadmap, which is your natal astrology chart. This program is like no other service!

I use Astrology, metaphysical, and quantum tools to help transform you from where you are to where you want to be. You can easily and quickly achieve behavioral changes and growth.

With Ev’s coaching you receive:

  • Natal chart analysis which is the foundation of your journey.
  • Look at your upcoming future influences.
  • Oracle card reading at the end of every session.
  • Clear messages from your angels, spirit guides, and higher self.
  • Expert tutoring on astrology, mediumship, and psychic development.
  • Appropriate affirmations to move you toward your goals.
  • Email and text communication in between sessions.
  • Support when you need it to provide peace of mind.
  • Live sessions with real-time questions and answers.
  • Clear understanding of your soul’s purpose, how you function optimally, and infinite possibilities.
  • One-on-one tutoring of all psychic development realms and how to increase your intuitive powers.
  • In between sessions you receive limited texts, emails, and phone calls.
  • Twelve months of support, teaching, training, and coaching designed for your convenience.

We recommend you record your session and take notes. We customize the sessions for you. We provide sessions by phone, FaceTime, or Zoom.

Are you looking for answers from the invisible world?

Spiritual Reading Consultations

Do you need clarity about a current life event? Are you grieving, trying to understand, cope, and heal? If you are a believer and know there is an afterlife, these readings are for you! You can connect with your loved ones, higher self, spirit guides, and pets.

There is a difference between a psychic reading and a medium reading. Psychic readings are helpful if you want validation and a professional to tap into your energy field for clarity and decision-making. Psychic impressions come from your energy field with data regarding your life. Energy cords are invisible attachments where energy flows. Psychics can tap into these cords and give you lots of answers. A psychic/ medium doesn’t tell the future or provide you with lottery numbers.

If you want to connect to a departed loved one, it’s a different process; you need a medium reading. As a Psychic-Medium, I can communicate with departed loved ones in the spirit world; as a professional psychic/medium, daily preparation includes cleansing and protection rituals to keep the energy safe. I adhere to the highest code of ethics to provide information for the higher good. Psychics cannot connect to the spirit world; however, all mediums are psychic.

When I tap into the invisible world of vibration and energy, please understand that connecting takes time! We work with symbols and very subtle communication that need a translation. These sessions are interactive. All psychic/medium sessions start at 30 minutes for you to get optimal results. We use specific oracle cards that are best suited for your questions. Drinking plenty of water is essential to optimize your reading; alcohol or drugs will give you fuzzy results.

20-Minute Session $45
60-Minute Session $120