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20 minute session

Do you need clarity about a current life event? Are you grieving, trying to understand, cope, and heal? If you are a believer and know there is an afterlife, these readings are for you! You can connect with your loved ones, higher self, spirit guides, and pets.

There is a difference between a psychic reading and a medium reading. Psychic readings are helpful if you want validation and a professional to tap into your energy field for clarity and decision-making. Psychic impressions come from your energy field with data regarding your life. Energy cords are invisible attachments where energy flows. Psychics can tap into these cords and give you lots of answers. A psychic/ medium doesn’t tell the future or provide you with lottery numbers.

If you want to connect to a departed loved one, it’s a different process; you need a medium reading. As a Psychic-Medium, I can communicate with departed loved ones in the spirit world; as a professional psychic/medium, daily preparation includes cleansing and protection rituals to keep the energy safe. I adhere to the highest code of ethics to provide information for the higher good. Psychics cannot connect to the spirit world; however, all mediums are psychic.

When I tap into the invisible world of vibration and energy, please understand that connecting takes time! We work with symbols and very subtle communication that need a translation. These sessions are interactive. All psychic/medium sessions start at 30 minutes for you to get optimal results. We use specific oracle cards that are best suited for your questions. Drinking plenty of water is essential to optimize your reading; alcohol or drugs will give you fuzzy results.

*We recommend you record your session and take notes. We customize the sessions for you. We provide sessions by phone, FaceTime, or Zoom.

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