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What is it Like to Have a Professional Astrology Reading?

Getting an astrology reading is like going on a captivating journey that explores how the positions of the stars and planets at the time of your birth may influence your life. During the reading, an astrologer analyzes your birth chart, revealing valuable insights about your personality, relationships, and life’s purpose.

Whether you’re new to astrology or a long-time enthusiast, this experience sparks wonder and self-discovery, helping you understand yourself better and see how you fit into the bigger cosmic picture.  It’s a fascinating and enlightening adventure showing how connected we are to the vast universe.


Have you tried to read Astrology books that were over your head? Are you stuck and need a live instructor to ask questions for immediate satisfaction? Then sign up for the Astrology Made Super Easy Live On-Line Course! The perfect course for DIY Astrologers and those who want to learn how to create a Natal Chart.

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Holistic Healing Astrology

Welcome to Holistic Healing Astrology, a company that uses tried and accurate metaphysical tools to achieve your life goals and desires. We always recommend starting with an astrological natal chart consultation, which is the foundation of who you are and your ultimate potential. Your natal chart is a symbolic representation of your soul contract between you and God. It’s your soul’s roadmap that reminds you of the contract. The detailed information the celestial bodies reveal is amazing.

Our mission is to holistically--heal, transform, and empower you through ancient and New Age metaphysical tools.

While we center many services around astrology, we offer intuitive coaching, psychic medium readings, pendulum work, affirmations, quantum healing, and more. Each consultation session is customized for you!

Our services are conducted by telephone, Zoom, video chat, or in person (Virginia Beach).

We pride ourselves on facilitating a safe environment to express yourself without judgment. All information shared by our clients is strictly confidential.

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