Really Something Special

I enjoyed it. My niece visiting trying to find different things to do. It was really something special we enjoyed as I had never had that done.


Warm, Generous & Brilliant

Ev is a warm, generous, and brilliant astrologer! She is incredibly thorough with the heart of a teacher. I loved every moment of my insightful chart reading and I will definitely be back for more. Thank you Ev, from the bottom of mine to yours.


Wisdom & Guidance

I recently had a reading with Ev and it was fantastic. Insightful, filled with wisdom and guidance, each session felt like a gentle nudge in the right direction. Ev’s honesty and directness are refreshing, always delivered with kindness. Highly recommend if you’re looking for clarity and compassionate advice!


Informative & Helpful

Very informative and helpful! She really took her time to answer all my questions thoroughly, it really helped me understand better because i’ve been struggling with learning. She really knows what she’s talking about! Thank you for your time and help, i greatly appreciate it! ❤️❤️


Candid, Genuine & Humorous

Ev is amazing! She is so easy to talk to and her gifts are so much more than a business to her. She truly cares about sharing her insight and does it in such a candid, genuine and humorous way.—VL/Virginia

Knows Her Astrology

My experience with Ev was amazing! She answered all questions and was very thorough. This lady knows her astrology ! I will refer her without hesitation to my friends. It was such a pleasure to have her read my charts.—DG/MI

Patient & Kind

Ev took the time to explain everything. She was patient and kind answering all my questions! I can’t wait for her book!!! With Gratitude and Joy…Thank you💚—PM/OR

Unique, Intuitive & Insightful.

I had a great experience with Ev! She is a truly unique, intuitive, and insightful astrologer and medium. She shared advice and information about myself that will help me set my goals and intentions for the future. I look forward to seeing her again.  KK—VA

First Astrology Reading...Amazing!

This was my first time attending an astrology reading it was amazing! I have been into astrology for years but haven’t truly taken it into account to understand my life’s path. I did the 1 hour and 30 minute birth chart + forecasting reading and it was super insightful. She even went overtime with me to make sure I understood what everything meant and answer any one-off questions I had. I adored that she ended the session with a card reading from multiple decks and it reassured me that my feelings and behaviors are true. I plan to implement more forecasting and readings into my routine.  JB—FL

Clarity and Compassion

Ev leads her readings with honesty, clarity and above all, compassion.—RA/MI

Knows Her Stuff

Ev really “knows her stuff” in Astrology. She is also very thorough!—SS/VA

Ev is a Wonderful Reader and Conduit!

Ev is a wonderful reader and conduit! My session with her was insightful, helpful, and I really felt she connected with me and the spirts I was inquiring about. I will definitely have another session!

I learned So Much

My sessions with Ev were wonderful. She makes you feel so comfortable and walks you through each section of your natal chart while patiently answering your questions. I learned so much information and also confirmed many things I believes to be true about myself. We also have a medium reading session that was so meaningful to me and I will never forget. I highly recommend working with Ev.—SD/VA

Very Detailed

Very detailed reading and the energy is calming. It is a blessing as well to have clarity to the things I don’t understand. I highly recommend Holistic Healing Astrology. Thank you and I am grateful! 🙏💫🌞

CR – Virginia Beach


A Brilliant Astrologer

I have had my chart read a few times, at different times in my life. All have given me a pretty good snap shot of “who I am” However, the chart reading I received from EV gave me more depth into my personal blueprint not just who, but how and why I react or repeat certain patterns of behavior. EV is a brilliant astrologer! Not only did I get a reading, she taught and explained to me how to look my chart! I do not need to look any further for an astrologer, she is a master at what she does!



Absolute Joy

Ev was an absolute joy to work with. She gave me a very thorough reading and clarified all of my questions. She helped me a lot with understanding my past, present and future. Very grateful for my reading today and will definitely be coming back whenever I need another reading.



Kind & Insightful

This is my second reading by Ev, and I really enjoyed my time with her. She is so kind and insightful with her readings. Not only is she warm and easy to talk to, but she takes her time and is thorough with completing your chart. I feel at peace with the knowledge and clarity I gain from our sessions together. I highly recommend doing a zoom call with her and having your session recorded so that way you can go back later and rewatch it. She gives a lot information, and for me, it is hard to remember all of the significant points she discusses during a reading without a recording.


Wonderful Experience

Wonderful experience from Ev with Holistic Healing Astrology. After experiencing some hard transits in my natal chart and wanting a fuller and better approach to life, and after years of trying therapy. This made sense and put peace to the past and put my free will of my chart as a forecasted tool in my hands. Ready to evolve into the future. Very confident with my choice to take Ev on as my Coach. Thank you

AM — Virginia

Thank You Ev

Ev, I wanted to thank you for both the reading and our conversation at A.R.E.  My husband and I asked the unioverse for a sign about selling our home.  We asked to see butterflies if we were to keep the house…..We have been seeing them non stop.  LOL…To my husband’s chagrin he has been spotting them first and pointing them out to me.

– TM, Virginia

Open to Feedback

Ev was very thorough and patient. She wasn’t worried about time while going through the reading and was open to feedback throughout. Highly recommend working with her if this is your first time with exploring the world of astrology. She is more focused on helping others than making it seem “business only”.

– BB, Virginia

Cosmic Energy

I enjoyed having an astrology reading with Ev. Her explanation of current cosmic energy in my personal chart was clear. She even picked up an energy of one of my loved ones who departed and extended the message.

AT – Maryland

Incredibly Impactful

This was my first reading of any sort and although the session was short it was incredibly impactful. My chart reading affirmed and offered clarity on the next chapter of my life. Ev was so welcoming and it was like talking to an old friend.

MB — Virginia

Absolute Doll

Ev is an absolute doll. She did not rush the reading and was very understanding when I had to cut the reading short because of an unforeseen circumstance. We eventually finished the reading, and it was like talking to a friend. She explained everything and made me feel comfortable and heard.

LA — New York

Beautiful, Talented Soul

Evagelia is a beautiful, talented soul. I am glad I met her. She is very kind and understanding. We had a great conversation and since I am new to astrology she explained everything so clearly for me to understand. I received a lot of useful information & facts about myself, things I had never realized. She definitely has a new regular customer!!

VR—South Dakota

Worth Every Penny!

She did an absolutely spectacular job, and I will be coming back for more! 10/10 recommend going to her for your astrological chart reading, worth every penny!


Knowledgeable & Sweet

I had a reading with Ev this morning. I enjoyed my reading so much. Ev was very knowledgeable and sweet and brought light and insight to my situation that I’m going through. Spot on. I would definitely recommend her if you’re looking for some answers. Thanks again Ev!!

JS—South Carolina

10/10 Recommend

She did an absolutely spectacular job, and I will be coming back for more! 10/10 recommend going to her for your astrological chart reading, worth every penny!


Very Real, Very Authentic

Very real very authentic she explains everything and she is straight to the point! 10 out of 10 recommend.


Dynamic Sessions

Today I had a dynamic session with Ev for Spirituality and Healing insight. This is the first time that I have done anything of this nature. Past ideologies, superstitions, and skepticism were adequate blockades from something that I secretly yearned for. However, today I opened my mind to the words of the Universe, and I was not disappointed! Ev has a real gift that intrinsically spoke to all of me as Spirit having a Human experience. Her words were accurate, and her direction was in alignment with who I am. I will definitely be following up with Ev as my life continues to unfold.


Sweet, Fast and Accurate!

VERY KIND! Sweet, fast, and accurate! I will definitely be keeping in touch!


A Wonderful Experience!

Such a wonderful experience!! Ev was so knowledgeable and informative.

CP—New York

Above and Beyond!

Ev was kind and caring. She went above and beyond my expectations! ❤️❤️❤️


You Have A Gift

Hello my friend, I’m not good with technology, trying to find how to schedule my upcoming birthday reading. The short reading you did for me on TikTok blew my mind, you were dead on. You definitely have a Gift. I would appreciate any help you can provide.

Thank you and God bless you

MD, Connecticut


Having a reading with Ev provides grounded, usable and uplifting information, such as special and rare mix. She cares deeply to provide the best insights for me. I always feel better for having spoken with her and better prepared with new information. She is a treasure for anyone design true, usable insights by a caring personal advisor. How fortunate I feel to have her help when I need it the most.

MM California


Dear Ev, I learned so much from our session together.  Thank you so much for sharing your passion and knowledge of astrology with me…..I look forward to working with you in the future.  Bunches of love

MF South Carolina


Ev is patient and resourceful.
Her services are thorough.
After my session I felt uplifted !!!
Thank you!!!

IT New Jersey


I am a student taking classes at Holistic Healing Astrology and I’m having a great experience. I’ve taken the level 1 and level 2 course so far and have learned more than I expected. If you are interested in astrology and want to learn how to read your natal chart or other’s natal chart, this is the class for you. The instructor has been extremely helpful with learning the material and is an expert in the subject. I am able to ask as many questions as I want and she always has the answer! She’s also super sweet and patient which is a huge plus! I high recommend this course.

TH Virginia


Ev is AMAZING! You can feel her spirit through the phone call. She was very detailed and answered any questions you may have had. She is so patient and passionate. She confirmed everything i had been feeling. I really enjoyed my reading. She is top tier.

AH Virginia


This was the best reading I ever had! Ev was spot on and very intuitive concerning some of the issues that were going on in my head. She is a fantastic listener. I felt an instant connection with her. She uses astrological charts and reads cards to pinpoint things going on in your life. She explained and answered many of my questions. I will definitely be calling her again. Thank you Ev! ❤️

DO Virginia


Ev is a good friend who is finally true to her real potential – helping us navigate our lives in a way that’s beneficial to us all. Her medical background and innate intuition coupled with her passion and knowledge of astrology is a dose of energy medicine I would recommend to anyone. A holistic healer with a great big heart. That’s Ev.

HD England


Ev is amazing! She fell into my lap when I needed her most so I’m taking that for a sign in itself. She’s helped guide me in many ways including helping me understand my natal chart in regards to how I can use it to my benefit as well as helping me connect with guides via tarot cards that steer me in the direction that is best for me. A genuine person doing genuine work! I’m so happy to have found her 😊 You won’t be disappointed if you choose to use any of her awesome services!

HM Virginia


Ev was amazing! How nice it was to sit with her in person and experience an astrology reading. She spent so much time with me and the reading was spot on! I absolutely recommend Ev she was great!

EM Virginia



Ev is a very kind and knowledgeable holistic healer. I received a very in-depth Natal Chart reading in my first two sessions, and enjoyed Ev’s advice so much that I continued with her VIP Package. Having easy access to an astrologer and holistic healer has been a game-changer! I was going through a stressful time looking for apartments, not sure if it was even the right path. I was able to schedule a session with Ev quickly to go over my charts current transits, and she reassured me that not only would I definitely find my place, but she intuitively felt it would be what I really wanted. A few weeks later I stumbled upon an incredible apartment that I couldn’t pass up! I would not have kept looking so hard if I didn’t have the confidence boost from Ev. I am also able to text her and ask her about spiritual advice, and she will do an Oracle card reading on it.

If you are looking for spiritual and astrological advice and guidance from someone who is knowledgeable and down to earth, I totally recommend Ev! Much love

EH New Jersey



I just finished with an astrology consultation of my natal chart. This was an insightful experience, I got some great tips and advice. Ev makes you feel very comfortable throughout the whole session. I 100% recommend!

KT Virginia


Ev is a wonderful woman, a beautiful soul and a talented astrologer. This was my first ever reading and I was referred to Ev by a friend; I was not disappointed! Her genuine love for connecting with and helping others in their journeys is undeniable and her individual, passionate and personal approach is both inspiring and comforting. Ev offered me new insights and reassurance and left me feeling excited about life- exactly what we need at this time. I am so so grateful. Thank you, Ev!

ZM England


This was a really cool experience. Ev is a professional that is quite knowledgeable. It’s like she had a peeping window into my soul. Very much worth the the cost not even considering her gratuitous spirit. She has a gift that deserves appreciation.

LB Virginia


Ev has been a gift since I first met her! I’ve started a new journey with her and am enlightened and inspired each time we get together. Her gift is amazing! She not only has the ability to connect physically, mentally, and spiritually, but in a way that holds truth and value for a positive future ahead. She is highly educated and passionate beyond her gifts alone. She wants everyone to experience their own gifts and genuinely strives to share that in her teaching. I hope anyone who is seeking astrology, birth chart reading, spiritual healing, or any life coach work, or personal holistic growth has a chance to be one on one with Holistic Healing Astrology! It will be well worth your time and energy!!

KK Virginia


I never believed in “Angels on Earth” until you came into my life. Just having someone to talk to and trust is saving my life. Words cannot express how much I appreciate you being in my life, you are truly a blessing.

B.S, South Carolina


THANK YOU for EVERYTHING you have done and continue to do for me, I will respect you forever!

TM, Virginia


Having a reading with Ev provides grounded, usable and uplifting information, such a special and rare mix. She cares deeply to provide the best insights for me; I feel/know that, by how she speaks to me about the information she delivers-with kindness, respect and clarity. I always feel better for having spoken with her and better prepared with new information, truly new, that helps me handle my issues in more enlightened and often easier ways.

M M, San Ramon, CA