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The foundation of getting accurate answers is with a natal birth chart reading.  Astrologers reveal your sun, moon, ascendant signs (Big 3), and more.

Before your reading, our cutting-edge software comprehensively generates your astrological chart. Imagine having access to a personalized conversation that decodes the intricate language of astrology just for you. Astrology is a complex language, and we are your experienced translator, delving into the depths of your house, signs, and planet placements, including Chiron, the Nodes, Black Moon Lilith, and the powerful connections between them.

With fifty years of astrology expertise, Ev unveils the mysteries hidden in your chart. Discover your love life, career insights, strengths, opportunities, life’s purpose, soul path, and emotional makeup.

Embark on a transformative journey of self-discovery and empowerment. Book your Natal Chart Reading today and enter a world where the stars align just for you!

If you need more info, or don’t have a birth time…  We can figure that out: