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The Libra Sign: Mastering Negotiation with Grace

Libra season is September 23 through October 22, 2023.  The autumn equinox is on September 23.  Libra is an air and cardinal sign suggesting intelligence and leadership. Libras love harmony, […]

Tapping the Invisible World: 7 Key Insights into My Powerful Psychic Readings

Introduction In a world where uncertainty often clouds our path, the quest for guidance, clarity, and connection with the unseen becomes more profound. This is where psychic readings come into […]

Exploring the Akashic Records: A Gateway to Universal Wisdom and Insight

Have you ever encountered the term “Akashic Records” or “Akasha” and wondered about its significance? Delving into ancient knowledge and spiritual realms, the concept of Akasha takes us on a […]

Decoding the Mystique of Virgo – The Picky Perfectionist of the Zodiac!

Virgo Season is August 23 through September 22, 2023.  Virgo is an earth and mutable sign, a grounded yet loving change. Virgos may be critical because they are analytical and […]

Unveil Your Path to Empowerment with Holistic Healing Astrology

Unveil Your Path to Wellness with Holistic Healing Astrology Exclusive Sessions at Salon 3200, Virginia Beach, VA 🔮 Discover the Magic of Holistic Healing Astrology at Salon 3200! 🔮 🌟 […]

Unraveling the Celestial Mysteries: Your Guide to Astrology, Moon Phases, and Eclipses!

When discussing astrology, one must never forget that the sky is in constant motion.  When we speak about a Lunar eclipse, Full Moon, or the lunar nodes, we must know […]

News and Mental Health: 5 Ways to Cope

Ask yourself some questions after you watch the news. How do you feel after the first story? How many negative thoughts are flooding your brain? Do you find yourself feeling […]

Roar into Greatness: Unleashing the Power of Leo

Leo is a fire and fixed sign. This zodiac sign has a strong will and loves to create. They are ambitious, proud, maybe arrogant, and could be domineering! They are […]

The Power of Nodes: Unveiling Destiny’s Path

When discussing astrology, remember the sky is in constant motion. When discussing a Lunar eclipse, Full Moon, or the lunar nodes, know that the rest of the solar system is […]

1 Psychic’s Unique and Powerful Perspective

#1 I get messages from the voice of the sitter (the person having the reading). The longer a person speaks, the more information that comes through. Water goes through a […]

Astrology Nurturer: Exploring Cancer’s Compassionate Essence

We all have the nurturer in our horoscope chart, where Cancer is and what planets are in the sign, speak to the type of nurturer you are, and so much […]

Connect with Divine Guidance: Experience Powerful Spiritual Readings

Do you need clarification or support? Do you want to end struggles or relationship drama? Need someone right now to talk to? You have two ways to connect with Ev, […]

9 Things to Expect During Our Astrology Reading Consultation

You will learn how the world sees you. It’s an objective way to know yourself. A professional astrologer will look at the intensity of the planets. Sometimes planets are placed […]

Unforgettable Summer 2021 Travel: Adventures and Discoveries

After waiting for the right time to travel to Greece, June 2021 seemed right.  Every day, every minute, the trip was never certain until I boarded the airplane.  Never sure […]

New Moon and Full Moon Rituals: Channeling Lunar Magic for Transformation

New Moon and Full Moon Ritual Do the new moon ritual on the day of the new moon. You may find out when the new moon is by following me […]

The Power of Astro Healing: Embrace Celestial Wellness

Astro therapy, healing, and metaphysically-based counseling use cosmic insights to help people face emotional, mental, and spiritual challenges. Holistic healing astrology takes astrology and metaphysics beyond self-discovery to achieve positive […]

Powerful Answers From The Matrix: The Akasha

We hear about the Akashic Records or the Akasha; do we know what that means? Akasha is a Sanskrit word that means space, sky, or ethers. It’s a record of […]

How Astrology Changes Lives

Growing up very curious about the unknown, I was fascinated with astrology. I read every book on the subject I could get my hands on.  I believe one of the […]

Unveiling the Mysteries of Evidential Medium Readings: Connecting to the Universe

Are you curious about what an evidential medium reading is?  Well, wonder no more! As an expert in the field of mediumship, I’m here to give you a brief yet […]

An Astrological Look at the Solar Eclipse and Mercury Retrograde

Solar eclipses occur when a new moon occurs within 10° of the North or South Node of the Moon.  On April 20, we will witness a Solar Eclipse in Aries [...]


Astrology Made Super Easy: Decoding Your Natal Chart The astrology wheel represents the sky at a particular time; your birthday, a future date, or a wedding day. The symbol of [...]


PREPARING FOR THE FUTURE, USING ASTROLOGY From 6000 BC, history documents using the planetary cycles to heal and foresee good times. Plato, Albert Einstein, Ben Franklin, Princess Diana, Lady Gaga, [...]


Astrology Natal Chart Astrology is a remarkable and ancient symbolic language studying cosmic cycles and positions. It's a science and an art that helps you plan life strategies. The natal [...]


Birthdays Are Astrology Solar Returns. The Solar Return occurs every birthday.  The Solar Return Return Chart is a great astrological tool.  Astrology has been used as a predictive tool for [...]


Pluto: Giving Up Your Power. I was stunned to see a beautiful young woman on TikTok holding up a jar with her removed uterus! I'm unsure why, but I know [...]