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Unleash the Power of Astrology!

Astrology Made Super Easy Course

Unlock the Confusion of Astrology

Embark on a simplified journey to learn Astrology effortlessly. Unlock the secrets of the stars with an easy-to-follow method, making those unread Astrology books a breeze to understand. Ready to dive in?

Discover your life purpose, talents, karmic lessons, ideal partner, and fulfilling career path effortlessly. Save years of reading and researching with proven strategies and shortcuts. Ready to unlock your path to a fulfilled life?

Embark on an enlightening journey with 8 LIVE two-hour Zoom sessions, including Q&A, guided by Ev Zervoudakis—a seasoned astrologer with over five decades of expertise. Decode your natal chart step by step, supported by engaging PowerPoint presentations. Delve into the fundamentals of Astrology, covering Natal Charts, Houses, Planets, Signs, and Aspects. Elevate your understanding with Holistic Healing Astrology YouTube Teaching Videos. Ready to unlock the mysteries of the stars?

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Monthly Astrology Classes Cosmic Currents

Embark on a celestial journey with “Cosmic Currents” and decipher the language of the stars! Join our Live Zoom classes every second Sunday, starting March 10, at 4 PM ET. To 5:30 PM. Explore the major transits and how they relate to you personally.

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Mystical Mentorship

Unleash Your Potential with Personal Mentorship! Dive into metaphysics and/or astrology with one-on-one guidance from Ev Zervoudakis. Elevate your understanding, discover hidden insights, and transform your life. Unlock your intuition: Begin psychic development today. Unlock the stars: Learn to read your natal chart.

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