The Ultimate Keyword Cheat Sheet Collection

The Ultimate Keyword Cheat Sheet CollectionDo you have your astrology chart and don’t know how to read it? Do you own stacks of books, view hours of videos, or listen to podcasts frustrated and confused? You are not alone! Astrology can be challenging to understand because of its complexity. Holistic Healing Astrology has revolutionized the process, allowing anyone to quickly and easily read an Astrology Chart.

Purchase The Ultimate Keyword Cheat Sheet Collection to interpret your astrology chart directly in your email inbox! Imagine all of your astrological keywords on one sheet, alphabetized and in column format! On the other side, you get a straightforward interpretation of the sign in a narrative format.

Never search for hours to figure out relevant keywords to decode your natal astrology chart, as astrologers have done in the past.

Imagine having over 600 keywords to decode your chart and any astrology chart. These time-saving cheat sheets work for natal, synastry, transits, and more! You’ll have more time to explore the meanings and apply what you discover from the chart.

If You Are an Amateur or a Practicing Astrologer these sheets are for you!

Astrology Made Super Easy: The Ultimate Keyword Cheat Sheet Collection for $99 (A $300 value!)

The Ultimate Keyword Cheat Sheet Collection
Package contains: Twelve Astrology Signs, Fourteen Planets & Abstract Points, Twelve Houses, Five Major Aspects, and Seven Minor Aspects Cheat Sheets. Plus, 18 FREE Cheat Sheets! Modalities, Elements, Hemisphere, Quadrant, Dignities, Astrology Component Symbols & Glyphs, Natal Chart Worksheet, Kepler’s Aspects Diagram, Chart Aspect Patterns, and more. Individual Astrology Chart Component (Signs, Planets, Houses, and Aspects) Decoding Keyword Bundle and Includes a FREE gift of a Personalized Astrology Worksheet! $99