10 Reasons Why People Hate Retrogrades


  1. It may mean the bank put your funds in the wrong account.
  2. It may mean traffic jams, severe delays, or a traffic ticket.
  3. It could mean lost snail mail or emails.
  4. We may have to redo a big project.
  5. It may mean we have barriers that block our goals.
  6. It may mean we bought a lemon car and must buy a new one.
  7. It may mean you have to take back your words. This one may be the worst.
  8. It may mean you break up with your life partner.
  9. It may mean you get a recurring illness.
  10. It may mean you have gained weight and have to lose again.Natal Astrology chart

Planets move in cycles. Sometimes, many planets retrograde at the same time. It’s like having seven Mercury retrogrades simultaneously when multiple planets retrograde in the same timeframe.

How many clients confessed the last Mercury retrograde was terrible and super intense? I had to remind them that it was because Mercury wasn’t alone. They were feeling the three or four other planets retrograding together with Mercury. Don’t be fooled. In general, the retrograde motion goes back over something we already finished. With the retrograde, it’s time to redo, rewrite, rebuild, change, rethink, revamp, repeat, remarry, replay, refinance, renew, revise, refurnish, reevaluate, and return, basically a duplication of efforts. That is why people despise retrogrades. Who wants to redo something they already spent time, money, and energy to do once.! Do you get the picture? Please don’t blame tiny Mercury for his fellow planets’ teamwork.

Mercury retrograde is mild compared to the rest of the lineup below. The reason for this blog post is to show how important it is in astrology to look at the whole picture. It’s like analyzing the dining room table when the house is burning down to the ground. That’s an extreme interpretation. Hopefully, you’ll get the point moving forward. That means each specific energy of that planet goes inward, not forward.

Let’s look at each planet one by one.

  1. Mercury is the famous retrograde everyone knows and hates. Remember, there are seven planets retrograde now. Many will blame poor Mercury for the other planets’ retrograde havoc.
  2. Jupiter deals with expanding, making things more prominent, or softening the problematic issues. Remember, the energy is going inward and is reflective. This retrograde may be a time of decluttering, eliminating the overabundance.
  3. Saturn deals with discipline and lessons. This retrograde may be a time to review authority areas and our responsibilities and check our plans.
  4. Uranus deals with sudden or unexpected changes and freedom. During a time of quick changes, consider reflections and reconsideration.
  5. Neptune deals with escapism, imagination, and compassion. This retrograde is a time to look back and see where we may be consuming too much alcohol or drugs to escape or getting into music or dance on a positive note.
  6. Chiron deals with pain, suffering, healing, and wounds. During this retrograde, stop the bleeding and self-destruction. After dealing with pain, trauma, and suffering, one learns to cope and heal.
  7. Pluto, the planet of transformation, is an excellent way of saying goodbye to the old and hello to the new. Letting go of the old is usually ripped away unwillingly—an ideal time to reflect on self-destructive behavior patterns that lead to permanent endings. This retrograde lasts six months and repeats over the years like a pendulum, making it very difficult or intense.

The younger audience would say this description of the planet’s actions is called a “cluster.”

It would be irresponsible not to offer some comfort during this trying time. Retrogrades are here for a purpose. The purpose is to make us slow down. It’s a great time to make a lifestyle, marriage/partnership, career/profession, or friendship review. Indeed, you get the picture. Let’s go with the flow. Like the cork on the water, ride with it. Don’t force your will and be the salmon swimming upstream. Choose your battles wisely so as not to get hurt. 

Remember, the planets of destruction, suffering, restrictions, revolution, and communication influence us. The world is very divided, not just a country. Overseas, they face the same challenges we do. A good recommendation is to go inward. It’s a great time to meditate and talk to God, angels, and spirit guides. It’s incredible how much you’ll learn. Automatic writing is a powerful way to connect with the invisible world. I follow a different format than most. When I do my automatic writing, I meditate, pray, and call on God to reveal what I need to know. When ready, the pen starts, and it’s always written in the second person. It’s usually a sentence like Ev, you’ve done very well and learned to be patient and trust. During this very unsettling time, it’s wiser not to take action and go with the planetary flow.

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