When Jupiter, the planet of expansion and luck, joins forces with Uranus, the planet of unexpected, shocking, and excitement, expect the unexpected!  Look at the world around us right now!  Torrential rain and flooding in Dubai, a desert area.  Uranus represents the lightning bolt, and Jupiter means massive; yes, huge storms.  We don’t have to wonder how this happens, whether natural or cloud seeding; it doesn’t matter.  The earth is shockingly changing as we read this blog.  The sign of Taurus represents the earth, possessions, and comfort.  Look at the unexpected geological changes in Iceland: volcanic eruptions and earthquakes on the US East Coast.  I’m describing mundane astrology and how the planets collectively affect the entire planet.  

On a more personal and psychological level, astrology offers a unique lens to understand ourselves. By comparing the current positions of the planets (transits) to our natal charts, we can gain insights into our emotional landscape.  Throughout history, astrology and psychic readings have served as powerful tools for emotional healing and personal growth, empowering individuals to navigate life’s challenges.  If you have direct contact with your natal chart planets or points, be prepared for significant shifts in your life, knowing that you have the power to adapt and grow.  

To best describe how and what the impact will be, you must understand that astrology is a tool that reveals the energies and how you may choose to adjust your life. Your free will is what is vital when having any reading done.  No psychic or astrologer can predict what will happen; they may suggest possibilities and influences that may be favorable or not favorable.  It’s unethical to indicate an accident, or you’ll never have a baby!  The power of suggestion and the biology of belief can create the forecasted prediction.  If you want to use the influences as your law of attraction practice, by all means, do so.  I am saddened to see such nonsense and dangerous predictions on social media.  What is scarier is that people unknowingly believe the nonsense.  Word of caution: if it’s fear-based, I suggest ignoring it, knowing that you have the power to choose what to believe and how to act.  

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Jupiter Uranus Conjunction

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