4 Reasons Your Natal Chart Maybe Wrong

Computer software calculates astrology charts and provides accurate information if the data is entered correctly. I’ve noticed many clients’ birth charts need to be corrected—the four primary reasons for errors.

  1. Not all astrology software provides accurate astrology wheels.
  2. Human error may be the reason data is entered incorrectly.
  3. The location is entered to calculate with a time zone, not mean local time. This slight but profound difference could change the rising sign (ascendant) and the other houses’ cusps! That changes the basis of the analysis and interpretation.
  4. It’s a red flag when the degrees are near the beginning or end of a sign or house (27° to 3°). Remember, signs have thirty degrees, and houses vary in the number of degrees. For example, if your ascendant is between 25 to 5 degrees, it’s imperative to check if local mean time was used. Some free online chart-creating sites may not offer local mean time, instead use time zone.

The natal chart is the symbolic cosmic fingerprint. We use all the following planets and points. The Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Chiron, Pluto, North and South Nodes, Black Moon Lilith, Sun/Moon Midpoint, and the Part of Fortune which are included in the astrology chart calculations.

For the above reasons, using a trusted professional astrologer to prepare your natal chart is essential. I found many of my client’s natal charts off, especially the ascendant, nodes, and black moon Lilith. It’s important to note that the theme of the natal chart may or may not change, but the details will be off.

Holistic Healing Astrology uses the most accurate software, Iphemeris, which uses the Swiss tabular Ephemerides that NASA uses to track the planetary orbits. That’s like making a meal with inferior ingredients instead of the best you can purchase.

Every time I’ve corrected an astrology chart, the client is amazed at how accurate the information is.

Be sure to use Holistic Healing Astrology customized sessions for your astrological needs.  All sessions are $120 per hour and will go up this year.

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