9 Things to Expect During Our Astrology Reading Consultation
  1. You will learn how the world sees you. It’s an objective way to know yourself.
  2. A professional astrologer will look at the intensity of the planets. Sometimes planets are placed in comfortable or awkward positions, affecting your life areas. You will understand why you may have relationship issues, need to control situations, or be bombarded by negative thoughts. 
  3. A close look at the sun and moon will reveal your personality and emotional makeup. For example, if you are a cancer sun, you will most likely be very sensitive and nurturing. Your astrologer will look at the angular relationships between the planets and points. 
  4. You will learn what flows in your life, where you have stress, conflicts, or challenges. You will see where you are super creative or productive. Analyzing the chart gives you tips and clues for choosing partners or careers.
  5. You will find out what areas of life have a more significant influence on your life. People with a cluster of planets in a specific location will have tremendous energy in a focused place of life.
  6. You will find out the type of partner that would be most compatible. A professional astrologer can evaluate the various components of the astrology chart. After the evaluation, the list of features is translated into English so you can understand the strengths and weaknesses. 
  7. A professional astrologer will conduct an interactive reading. Have you ever purchased a canned astrology report? They are fantastic; however, missing an interactive component leaves a huge translation gap. 
  8. The natal astrology chart reveals what you have chosen to come to earth to achieve. It shows your soul’s purpose. It shows your dreams and wishes. 
  9. When translating astrology charts to English, remember each component of the astrology language has numerous keywords. Choosing the correct keyword takes an interactive reading. Did you know there are over ten keywords for the sun?

Professional Astrologer, Astrology reading, ConsultationCheck out YouTube Video where Ev explains how she’s different from other astrologers.

I’ve been reviewing my natal chart for over 50 years. I’m amazed how there’s always something new I find.

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