Astrology Nurturer: Exploring Cancer’s Compassionate Essence

We all have the nurturer in our horoscope chart, where Cancer is and what planets are in the sign, speak to the type of nurturer you are, and so much more. Cancer is a cardinal water sign representing a sensitive, protective, self-starter with excellent managerial skills. Yes, we all have those traits. However, other factors may overshadow them or weaken those areas.

Cancer energy expresses love for their home, family, and ancestral roots. They love being around water, the ocean, lakes, or the shower. They can be clean freaks, especially with their body and environment. They may be very emotional and illogical. Knowing these general traits helps you understand the hardwiring of the personality.

Cancer types love to belong and feel needed. Remember, this is only one component of the natal chart, but it’s a beautiful start. The Moon is the ruling planet of Cancer, again echoing the feelings and emotions. As the moon cycles quickly around the zodiac, it represents moodiness and changeability. If you have family members or friends with the Sun in Cancer, be aware they are sensitive but may never show it. Like the crab, its archetype is soft and hard on the outside. Would you enjoy our monthly newsletter full of insightful info?  Click here to subscribe.

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