Beyond Goodbye/ Navigating Grief Through the Guidance of a Psychic Medium

a brown eye

Allow me to send healing thoughts and prayers to anyone who has lost a loved one. I’ve suffered many losses throughout my life, starting with my brother when I was eight months pregnant. Three days before he passed, I had a vivid dream and a knowingness (claircognizance) that he was crossing over. I knew he would leave this earth plane, or something terrible would happen. Through my decades of research and experience in mediumship and psychic development, I know the techniques of connecting with spirit and how to see signs from our loved ones. 

I cannot tell you how many consultations I’ve done for grieving clients. I cannot tell you the profound relief and comfort they received after our session. If you are skeptical or afraid, I understand. Society has conditioned us to stay away from mediums because they are “fakes”. That’s like saying death itself is unreal. Not all mediums are frauds; the few charlatans give us a bad name. We believed so many untruths from the past. We thought the earth was flat, we felt the moon does not influence the human body, we thought that our DNA dictates our future, and now we know better. 

I’d like to share some tips to help you connect with your loved ones. Some signs they are around are the smell of cigarette smoke, if they smoked, and any scent that reminds you of them. Another common sign is coins or money in your path, especially if you worry about money. It’s a message not to worry about finances.

You often see a bird staring at you, a bug coming into your space that won’t leave, or a plant or flower that reminds you of them. The signs are very subtle. That is why you may miss them. I’m a pro at revealing these signs. Another way of connecting is through dreams and thoughts. The television or lights flicker, the radio shorts out, your kitchen appliance suddenly doesn’t work, then works the next day without a repair!

Goosebumps are sure that a spirit is touching you and affirming your thoughts or statements. If you are talking to a friend and you both get goosebumps or angel bumps, know it’s a clear sign they are around.

Please think of the spiritual world as an invisible space around us. They know what happens in our lives, especially at big family gatherings. The angels, saints, spirit guides, and departed souls can hear and know our thoughts. They will never interfere but try to tell you something important that helps you. Because we all have free will, we have to ask for help. If we don’t ask, we will not receive. 

The last important piece of information is that sadness blocks any connection. When you are sad, the crossed-over souls are lamenting with you. They want you to continue living because life is very precious. Each day you live, you get closer to reuniting with them.  If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out. Call me on my mobile 757-713-7771.

Blessings and love to you all.