Birthday Predictions Using Your Solar Return Chart!

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Astrology has been used as a predictive tool for thousands of years. Astrology was respected until the Newtonian age when Sir Isaac Newton discredited it. Now, with modern computers that crunch out the astrological calculations in minutes instead of hours, we have plenty of statistical data bringing validity back to the field of Astrology; YAY!  

Several predictive charts are used singly or in combination. One of my favorites is the Solar Return chart, which highlights your upcoming year’s influences.  A solar return occurs each year on your birthday.  It’s the beginning of a new Sun cycle. The perfect time to get a solar return chart is before your birthday.  The solar return chart is created by placing the Sun in its birth position. The rest of the chart positions change, giving you a new message and an accurate forecast!  

Remember, our creator, God, provided an owner’s manual for each of us, called the natal astrology chart. Every time you look at your chart, you see another facet of your personality, talents, and lessons. Life is always easier when you use your owner’s manual!