De-stress In 20 Seconds


Happiness is an Inside Job” Ed Byrnes


What is dopamine? Dopamine is also called the feel-good hormone. It’s a compound in the body as a neurotransmitter and a precursor of other substances, including epinephrine. It’s a natural motivator. It puts you in a good mood. Having balanced dopamine levels in the body is vital. When there’s a deficiency, symptoms can include muscle cramps, spasms, aches and pains. More signs are stiffness in the muscles, constipation, weight fluctuation, lack of energy, mood swings, anxiety, and overall feeling of sadness.

Ways to increase levels are eating foods like unprocessed meats, eggs, salmon, almonds, dairy foods, walnuts, and dark chocolate. Activities that boost dopamine: drink caffeine, olive oil, oats, massage, hug your pet, get enough sleep, meditate, listen to music you love, discover new things, do creative things, cross off tasks on your to-do list, dance, cold shower, sex, exercise, and walk. Some negative behaviors that increase dopamine are drugs, smoking, gambling, and overeating.

The benefits of dopamine are staying focused, losing weight, feeling well-being, decreasing addictive urges, counteracting depression and anxiety, and improving memory. You know now; implement what you have learned and let us know.  planets and stars in the cosmos