Decoding the Mystique of Virgo – The Picky Perfectionist of the Zodiac!

Virgo Season is August 23 through September 22, 2023.  Virgo is an earth and mutable sign, a grounded yet loving change. Virgos may be critical because they are analytical and constantly think of the most practical way to do things. The super-quick planet of Mercury is Virgo’s ruler but is slowed down a tad by the heaviness of the earth. When you look at your natal chart, where you find Virgo will find the area of life where you may be the most analytical, detailed, critical, and practical. Whatever house Virgo is in could reveal where you want to provide service or health and wellness. Virgo rules your health; if you have heavy planets or significant challenges to those planets, you may have health issues to work out. Remembering everything in life is energy, we have the free will to look at any planets and signs in the chart and alter their outcomes. The Horoscope, natural zodiac wheel aspect allows us to change anything in life. As long as we can take another breath, we must have faith and trust that God will provide. Many famous people subscribe to the phrase, “Never, never give up.”