Hidden Signals-Unveiling the Power of Seen and Unseen Messengers

As we step into the captivating Gemini season,  did you know that we all have the Gemini zodiac sign in our natal chart?  That’s right!  In astrology, the natal chart is a map of the sky at the exact moment of your birth, and it reveals the positions of the planets and other celestial bodies in relation to the Earth. So, when we say ‘Gemini in our natal chart,’ we’re referring to the placement of the Gemini zodiac sign in our birth chart. In one word, we can describe Gemini as the messenger.  But what does this mean for us? Let’s delve deeper into the two levels of messengers.  One is the visible one, and the other is the invisible one. This unique aspect of the Gemini season is worth exploring.

During this explosive information boom, we get messages from every direction.  It’s challenging to discern facts from fiction.  With the implementation of artificial intelligence (AI), communication can be scrambled.  The scrambling effect may be blamed on Neptune’s analytic degree (29) in Pisces.  In astrology, Neptune is associated with confusion and being in a fog. Its placement in the most intense degree of Pisces, a comfortable sign for Neptune, can amplify these effects. We have a recipe for mass delusion. But remember, your role in discerning these messages is crucial and valued.

The physical messages, which are tangible and external, have a controlling effect, manipulating us to purchase one thing or another.  For example, advertisements, social media posts, and even conversations with friends can be considered as physical messages. These messages can steal time away from your day or further isolate you from people around you.  Another influence of the Neptune/Pisces backdrop.  But there’s hope. You can find peace and joy  by setting boundaries.  Saying no to social media isn’t just a suggestion, it’s a powerful tool to clear your mind and bring back the joy in your life.  Did you know humans can make a finite number of decisions a day, if you waste them on frivolous and non-productive choices, life becomes challenging.  The place to start is by becoming aware of your habits. This awareness can be enlightening and can motivate you to make more conscious choices.  Studies show 10% of people are addicted to social media.  I’m sure it’s far more. But you have the power to change that.

The invisible or non-physical messages, also known as spiritual messages, come from within.  They can be positive or negative, just like the physical messages.  These messages are believed to come from various sources in many spiritual beliefs. For instance, God created the invisible messengers, Angels, in many spiritual beliefs.  Did you know there are levels of Angels with specific functions?  We will skip that for another time.  Spirits are another source of invisible messengers.  Much debate surrounds the topic of spirit communication.  We are warned not to participate. However, it’s possible.  After reading The

Golden Salmon colored cloud. Sun rays.

Angels in the Invisible World

written in the 1850s, he reveals three types of spirits; the safe spirit to communicate with is the spirit of truth connected to God, the creator.  We connect to God, the saints, and angels when we pray. However, meditation is frowned upon.  The difference is that prayer is asking God, and meditation is being still.  To communicate to the spirit of truth or God, we ask and receive by listening.  Meditation is a beautiful way to listen to the spirit of truth.  Mediums, psychics, and prophets connect to the spirit of truth and get wholesome messages.

Take a moment to reflect on the messages you receive in 24 hours. Consider what is useful and what is not.  Are the messages bringing you delight or fear?  This introspective exercise is not just a passive observation, but a powerful tool that can help you understand the impact of the messages on your life and make more conscious choices in the future. It’s a journey of self-discovery and empowerment, and you hold the reins of control in your hands.