Interpreting Common Signs From The Universe
Feather, angel cupid

Angels are Everywhere!

Let’s embark on a fascinating journey into the realm of spirit guides, which are mystical beings believed to be our spiritual mentors and guides. As we explore how to receive their messages, it’s intriguing that this discussion coincides with the captivating Gemini season, when a celestial alignment is visible.  

While we all experience the energies of the spiritual world, it’s crucial to recognize the signs. In this blog, we’ll delve into the basics of spiritual insights. The fundamental rule is connecting with the spirit of truth, God’s essence. God’s essence is the purest form of divine energy, the source of all truth and wisdom. As per Allan Kardec’s Book, The Spirit’s Book, there are three types of spirits: the spirit of truth, the mischievous, and the evil spirit. Our focus must solely be on the spirit of truth, which is God.  

Amidst this time of intense spiritual warfare, a term used to describe the battle between good and evil forces, it’s reassuring to know that aligning with God and avoiding deceptions and lies is within our grasp. By using discernment and tapping into the love energy of God, you can find comfort in the safe zone. And the best part is, it’s as simple as observing how you feel. If you feel love or fear. Fear-based data or sources are not from the spirit of truth.  

Now, let’s see some concrete signs that the spirit of truth is around you.  

  1. Messages on billboards, songs, titles, stories, books, and any data with a message
  2. Hear an inner voice, clairaudience
  3. Strong intuition or realization, clairsentience
  4. Inner knowingness, claircognizant
  5. Seeing a clear vision, clairvoyant
  6. Smelling a distinct aroma, smoke, perfume, clairsentience
  7. A distinct taste, clairgustance
  8. A distinct and intense feeling of compassion, clairempathy.
  9. A clear understanding through touch, clairtangiency

The next time you encounter any of the signs mentioned above, empower yourself by asking, who are you? The first name or thought that springs to your mind is the answer. It’s a flash of a thought, no pondering, as quick as a spark of energy. This is your intuition speaking, your direct connection to the spirit of truth.  If you want to know more check out our Youtube Video.  The more you practice, the more precise the signs and messages become. Over time, you will learn to trust these signs and use them as a compass in your spiritual journey. They will guide you towards the truth and help you navigate the complexities of life with clarity and confidence.  Need a reading? Click Here