Navigating Life’s Course with Astrology: My Journey

Growing up very curious about the unknown, I was fascinated with astrology. I read every book on the subject I could get my hands on. One of the first books was Sun Signs by Linda Goodman.  I would read about myself and my family and compare our characteristics.  I was amazed at how accurate these definitions were. 

Then, I started getting deeper into the subject.  I learned about the celestial bodies and how they moved around cyclically.  These planets revolved around the ecliptic, the band of star constellations.  I discovered very quickly this subject was vast and complicated.  

I noticed some signs were more emotional, and others were quite detached.  I learned that my mom was an Aquarius, as my brother was.  I soon started to understand that we were all different.  Astrology helped me be less judgmental and more tolerant.  As the years went by, I knew who would be more or less compatible with me.  

Astrology helped me understand my talents, gifts, and weaknesses.  I knew from my chart I had ESP (extrasensory perception).  As I studied more, I started seeing a few themes in my chart. Astrology reveals over and over in various placements what the major themes are.  I have a Scorpio ascendant in my natal chart regarding psychic abilities.  I love the dead, psychology, and the mysteries of life. 

My Sun in my chart is in Gemini but in the 8th house, which is the ruling house of Scorpio.  Then, in the 10th house of career is Pluto, the ruling planet of Scorpio, ruler, and sign representing the paranormal, death, and psychology.  Remember, the energy is ten times stronger when the ruling planet and movement are together.

Interestingly, I worked in the Department of Pathology during my medical profession and in the morgue during my internship—no surprise with the fascination of the dead. Working in the department, I was very much intrigued with the human body and how it worked.  I had a strange knowingness about the spiritual side of death, even though I didn’t go to my first funeral until I was in my late teens.  I always knew death is guaranteed and natural. Just as we are born, we will die.  

Growing up, my mom was very open to the paranormal.  But she was not comfortable talking about death.  Even in her later years, she refused to speak about final arrangements.  Mom battled cancer and continued to avoid the subject.  I found it strange she was so weird about death, even though she had an NDE, Near Death Experience when I was little. 

After her NDE, she came home from the hospital with multiple bruises around her neck because they were trying to keep her awake.  She later tells us her vision of entering the white tunnel and being greeted by her beloved father.  She adored her dad.  He died in his fifties while she was still in college.  She never recovered from his death.  Her NDE occurred before NDE was considered a valid scientific phenomenon.  

I also learned from my chart that I designed my chart and life.  I’m the writer, producer, and actor of this drama we call life.  What is very cool is that I can rewrite the script as I go.  God gave us all free will to change what we created.  

Ev Zervoudakis, Founder Holistic Healing Astrolgy

Ev Zervoudakis, Founder Holistic Healing Astrology, Inc.

Now, I use my gifts to help others most profoundly.  It’s the most rewarding profession I’ve ever had, and I’ve had a few.