New Moon and Full Moon Rituals: Channeling Lunar Magic for Transformation

New Moon and Full Moon Ritual

Do the new moon ritual on the day of the new moon. You may find out when the new moon is by following me on Instagram/

First, meditate and cleanse the space where you plan to do the ritual. I use incense of frankincense and myrrh. Always be sure to say prayers and invite God’s angels to assist in the cleansing. It’s essential to keep the doors and windows closed for two hours. Keeping doors and windows closed guarantees the incense dissolves the negative energies that can creep in from various sources. I grew up in the Orthodox Church, which uses frankincense and myrrh for all services. I’m used to the smell. If you are sensitive to insense, you may use bells. It cleanses the same way as insense. 

If you haven’t gotten a new journal, starting this journaling in a new designated journal solely for your monthly new moon intentions is crucial.

If you haven’t picked out your new journal and want to start now, use a new sheet of paper. Then you can put that paper in a new binder or your new journal. 

Intentions are the seeds you plant for the future. You will write each intention/desire in the present tense and, most importantly, as if it has occurred. For example, I am moving into my new four-bedroom, three-baths, modern kitchen, contemporary home on an acre of nicely landscaped wooded land. 

You may list as many intentions as you want. You may also correlate the type of intention that matches the moon’s sign traits. For example, the moon in Cancer would fit the above desire because Cancer deals with the home. 

At the end of your list, you thank God for his assistance. Expect your intentions to be fulfilled the same way the moon grows full. Trust and have faith that God will provide in God’s time. So it is! or Amen! You choose. 

Place your journal with your favorite crystal on top, where the sun shines on both.

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For the Full moon, do your meditation and proceed with the cleansing of your space as with the new moon; however, there is a slight difference, you write a list of all the things you want to release. Examples are toxic relationships, foods, and things. You may want to remove negative thoughts that your discovered, old clothes that you don’t like, broken items around your home, and an item that you plan on selling. It’s good to detach from a home or car before you sell it. Bless it,

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and know that the new owners will appreciate it.

You may match your releases to the moon sign characteristics as done with the moon. For example, a full moon in Libra release relations that no longer serve you because Libra represents partners and relationships. 

Then burn the paper in a safe place. That is it! Note: If the sheet doesn’t burn entirely, it’s a sign next month to discharge the same list again.