News and Mental Health: 5 Ways to Cope

Ask yourself some questions after you watch the news. How do you feel after the first story? How many negative thoughts are flooding your brain? Do you find yourself feeling anxious? Do you find yourself fearing your future? Now ask yourself if you have any control over the situation. Do you discuss the news with your friends? Do you agree or disagree with your friends and family? Have your friends and family alienated you due to news stories?

I recommend looking at the areas of your life you can control and releasing the issues you cannot directly control. That’s a great start to coping with the hostile mass media environment. Instead of numbing our feeling, we can use alternative measures.

SAMHSA (Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration) states that 162.5 million people, or 58.7% of Americans, use tobacco, alcohol, and illicit drugs! How many people will die from this chronic use of these substances? Don’t be one of them.

Take control. 1. Prevention. Don’t watch the news if you feel anxious, upset, or angry. 2. Monitor your feelings when you engage in specific discussions. 3. Get professional help if you cannot control tobacco, alcohol, or drugs. 4. Meditate daily, even for a few minutes per day. 5. Do breathing exercises every day. It’s known that breathing alkalizes the body, calms you down, and oxygenates your body. We have all endured a rough road with the COVID pandemic. Don’t neglect your mental health. Every day does things you love, and learn to put yourself first. Using your natal chart may help you recognize areas you love and how you process your emotions. Thank you for all your feedback, questions, and suggestions. Hugs, EvSpiritual, clouds, Cope