The Power of Nodes: Unveiling Destiny’s Path

When discussing astrology, remember the sky is in constant motion. When discussing a Lunar eclipse, Full Moon, or the lunar nodes, know that the rest of the solar system is active.

When analyzing astrology charts, I take the thorough approach because planets, signs, and angles change dynamically, lessening or strengthening their energy.

On July 17, the nodal axis shifts to Taurus/Scorpio. Today we will look at the Lunar nodes, eclipses, and the full Moon, what they are, and how they affect us.

I like to emphasize their effects and how we react to those impacts. Remember, free will is always at play, and deciding how these energies will affect your life is up to you.

I believe in the power of words and thoughts. What we think about is what we attract. That’s why it’s critical to understand the energies of the astrology components and how we choose to use their powers.

The Lunar nodes are imaginary points at the intersection of the orbits of the Moon and Sun. The North Node represents our future, what we strive for, and our purpose. The South Node represents what we came into this world knowing; if you believe in a past life, what you have mastered before this life. The South Node placement suggests what we need to let go of, and the North Node shows us where we are moving forward! The nodal axis has opposing energy, and the nodes are always opposite.

A lunar eclipse pairs with a solar eclipse that is two weeks apart. The lunar eclipse is during a full moon. The solar eclipse is during the new moon phase.

A full moon, by astrology definition, is when the Sun and Moon are opposite. That’s the tension that we feel between our ego and our emotions.

We have the two energies of the feminine reflective Moon and the masculine extroverted Sun, which are opposite, creating a need for balance.

An interesting note about the Sun and the Moon’s size in the sky from the perspective of the Earth; the Sun and Moon appear the same size; that’s how we get an eclipse appearance. The Sun is 400 times larger than the Moon and 400 times farther from the Earth.

Scorpio represents getting to the root of a situation and delving deep into the unknown or mysterious realms. Scorpio represents passion, extremes, psychology, sex, death, transformation, and irreversible changes. On the other hand, Taurus represents our resources, comfort, security, stability, and possessions. Scorpio is a fixed water sign, and Taurus is a fixed earth sign; they oppose each other on the natural astrology wheel. When analyzing a natal chart, I look at the opposing forces to better understand the chart.

Locate Taurus and Scorpio in your natal chart to see how this Full Moon, Eclipse, and nodes affect you. The Sun and Moon will directly impact this area of your life.

Studying your chart gives you insights into how you function and how you can improve your life. Deepening the experience during this Full Moon phase, the Nodal axis conjunct or hangs out with the Moon and Sun. It means we have lessons to learn during this growth timeframe. How much you discover and grow will depend on your efforts. It’s a package deal. Look at your entire chart to glean deep insights. I love doing these exercises during our advanced-level classes.

Whenever we discuss eclipses in astrology, we may face the resurrection of past experiences for an opportunity to learn a lesson and grow for the better. Added to the energy of the Full Moon and the Nodal emphasis, we have the eclipse, which gives us a triple-strength dose of growth. Have fun with this timeframe, and maximize your learning power. Life is about focusing on improving, loving more, and letting go of hate, anger, and negativity. If we all work on this philosophy, the world will be better. Next time, check out my Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and TikTok for more insights. Continue to let me know how you feel about these blogs. I love your feedback. You fuel the content for future blogs.planets and stars in the cosmos