The Shocking Revelation of Predictions!

What does prediction mean? Can we truly predict the future? What is the future’s prediction? What will the world look like by 2030, a mere six years from now? Those who make predictions or forecasts are merely presenting you with possibilities. In the realm of quantum theory, where anything is possible based on the law of observation and the frequency and vibration of thoughts, there’s a 50% chance that a prediction will materialize.  

It’s amazing to witness how many people want answers about their future. But here’s the truth: no one knows the future, not even the most skilled astrologer. The power to shape your future lies solely in your hands. You, and only you, can create your own destiny.  

How do you create your future? It’s simple. Be clear about what you desire, want to do, and where you want to be—focus on those feelings and images without doubt or anxiety. It will come to you in God’s time whenever you question when and how you cancel your desire for the universe. It’s like putting an order in with Amazon, and when you ask how and when you canceled it because you have no faith, the order will arrive at your doorstep.  

During this time of Neptune, the ruler of Pisces and the 12th house, we can witness lots of confusion and escapism in the form of drugs and alcohol. Since Neptune is in Pisces’s final degree (29), it intensifies the already magnified energies of victimhood. To clarify, the ‘final degree’ is the last degree of a zodiac sign, and it’s believed to carry a sense of completion and transition. Remember, each planet, sign, house, and aspect in astrology has two sides: dark and light.  

Seize this unique moment in history to envision your future. Observe the evolving world around you, disregarding the controlling rhetoric that undermines your power. This is a new beginning for us in many respects. Each time a planet transitions from one sign to another, as Pluto recently did, it triggers an energetic shift. This shift, often felt as a change in mood or energy, is more pronounced when the outer planets change signs, as they move at a slower pace than the inner planets. The outer planets represent generational cycles, while the inner planets influence personal ones. We hope you find our weekly blogs insightful.  

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