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After talking to hundreds of clients, I discovered they feared the unknown information the birth or natal chart might reveal. That fear creates anxiety and a feeling of being stuck. The brave ones who schedule the appointment quickly see the process as comfortable and empowering. For those of you who are curious regarding what is astrology, check out this YouTube video.

What disturbs me the most is the doom-and-gloom approach some astrologers or coaches use. The horoscope or natal astrology chart is a roadmap that is not etched in stone. Free will allows the individual to look at the astrology data and make changes. You control the chart, not vice versa. Some styles of astrology can predict death, accidents, and illness, but not my style! It’s purely unethical. The law of attraction or the power of suggestion is a real thing.

My type of astrology consultation is to reveal the positive possibilities. The adage is “the glass half full or half empty.” I practice Western and humanistic astrology with a holistic approach. Humanistic astrology is human-based instead of event-based astrology. Holistic encompasses all the chart aspects by thoroughly investigating the broad strokes of energies, from the minute details to the accentual main themes of the person’s chart. It’s a mind, body, and spirit approach.

The planets represent energies that can manifest positively or negatively. You may ask, why do negative things happen? What seems to be negative could be a learning experience. Going through the initial sudden change or transformation could be traumatic. Familiarity is comfortable. That’s why people stay in abusive relationships, not because they like the situation; they want the familiar setting. The fear of the unknown will paralyze you from moving!

What I do is a 100% interactive consultation. That means we have a conversation about your chart; remember, you designed your chart. No one knows yourself better than you do. Indeed, the client, through dialogue, reveals the answers. The astrologer is skilled at extracting what must come out at that time. That is why annual astrology readings are helpful. The planets revolve, and your life has new cycles as well. Isn’t it nice to work with the celestial bodies?

Flow is the popular concept we embrace. The current moves the cork effortlessly. The salmon, however, swim upstream. Can you feel the difference? Sometimes, we have to work hard to reach our goals. Sometimes, we must be patient and allow the result to happen serendipitously.

We choose our horoscope and our life path. It took me a long time to digest that idea, especially the notion that I chose my parents, which was tough. After seeing how other families function or are dysfunctional, lol, I quickly felt blessed to select my parents. All family dynamics are part of a large picture to learn and grow.

If you are interested in astrology or other consultations, know your astrologer. Look at the reviews, use word-of-mouth advertising, and their social media platforms and website. It’s some extra work, but you will get better results.

It saddens me to witness some people claiming they are astrology consultants who help you but, in turn, give you negative suggestions, disempower you, or even reveal adverse outcomes; it’s the nocebo effect. A nocebo is the opposite of a placebo effect. Dr. Bruce Lipton

When I view the world dynamics today, I’m amazed at how much mass media, academia, and the big top-down institutions have brainwashed us. We are rapidly awakening to the truth, therefore taking action by protesting and revolting.

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