What To Expect In 2024!

We are in epic times right now. As a collective whole, we have chosen to incarnate during a historical and evolutionary time. I don’t know about you, but I feel the vast energy shifts. Are you seeing the trends that correlate with the energy shifts? The Earth is changing as we speak. Due to volcanic activity, we have a new island in Japan near Iwo Jima. Iceland’s geography is changing drastically before our eyes. It is fascinating that it’s all captured via drones and broadcast via social media! We don’t need mass media to get worldwide news.

Here are some predictions for the next five years based on Astrology and channeling messages. Click here to view our latest video, 2024 Yearly Prediction. Pluto, the planet of significant changes, is moving into the sign of Aquarius, signifying humanitarian unity. Remember, this Pluto cycle is 20+ years. Aquarius rules artificial intelligence, science, inventions, genius ideas, rebellion, groups, community, and freedom. We will see massive, intense, revolutionary, empowering, and irreversible changes worldwide. We shall continue to witness demonstrations around the globe. Many grassroots movements will create powerful changes, moving from top-down control to independent and collective freedom.  

If we go back in history to the years around 1777, when Pluto was last in Aquarius., And assuming that history will repeat itself because Astrology is nothing more than cycles of energies. (Side note: a follower commented, “Pluto was discovered in 1930, yet how can we suggest when it was in Aquarius last?” Good point. Remember, the atomic bomb was invented in 1930. Just because it wasn’t visible as Neptune and Uranus were not visible with the naked eye, the invention of the telescope changed our perspective, confirming not being visible doesn’t mean nonexistent. Just in case you wondered the same.) 

We expect possible revolutions. We would expect rebellion. We would expect changes in government. We would expect changes in—all major corporations. We would expect the world to become one. We would expect enormous technological changes that would impact our lives. These technological changes would affect our healthcare, food, transportation, finances, entertainment, etc. All signs and houses have polarities. They are the two sides of a spectrum. Also, each planet and sign is like a coin with two sides: a negative or dark way or a positive or light way.

Between 2024 and 2025, three outer slow, moving planets will change signs. That denotes massive shifts of energies. On January 20, the Pluto of irreversible changes is moving into the sign of Aquarius. There will be another video with the interpretation of Pluto in Aquarius on our YouTube channel and smaller videos on our TikTok channel.   

From February to June 2024, the expansive planet of Jupiter intensifies the planet of freedom, shocking and electrifying change. Uranus is the lightning bolt energy of astrology. Having the same energy as Aquarius magnifies the long-term conversions described above with Pluto in Aquarius. When we look at mundane astrology, we must remember to understand the multiple forces of coexisting planets. It’s an election year, perhaps creating more disruption of comfort and security intensifying 2024. Our money system may change. Our food supply chain may alter. Change is inevitable. We are called to stay calm and embrace the changes. Focus on the positive, be the light, and let go of the things we cannot change.  

The last time Jupiter and Uranus were in Taurus was in 1941, during World War II. Jewish discrimination lead up to the Holocaust. The first functional program-controlled automatic computer, called the Z-3, was invented. The creation of penicillin revolutionized medicine and wound treatment, perfect timing during WWII. Franklin Roosevelt delivers the famous Four Freedoms Speech declaring free speech and worship. Let’s hope history does not repeat itself.

Black Moon Lilith (BML) changes into another air sign, Libra. BML represents the dark side of the moon. Moon always represents the feminine, BML signifying the hidden side of a person. That raw, powerful, detached energy. BML could also represent a very dark side, such as human trafficking, abuse, and prostitution, or a very light side, metaphysical, empowered, and Herculean strength. Be on the lookout for upcoming videos to describe these energy shifts.  

In 2025, two more outer, slow-moving, long-term planets, Neptune and Uranus, join Pluto in an energy shift that impacts the entire seven billion people on the Earth. Neptune, the planet of escape and spirituality, moves to Aries, a fire sign relating to aggression, initiation, and independence. Also, in 2025, the planet Uranus, the ruler of Aquarius, moves to the air sign of Gemini, representing communication and transportation. Jupiter will also be moving into Gemini in 2025.

To summarize the astrological jargon, we are in for some significant changes in intelligence, communication, the way we think, the way we learn, the way we travel, and our daily lifestyle. These energy shifts will affect the planet’s population and each of us individually.  

Astrology can forecast how these shifts of energy will impact you individually. There is an awakening and enlightenment worldwide through social media and electronic technologies. The planet is being informed immediately—the confusing element of this timeframe. One must reach for the higher self to distinguish fact from fiction. 

During this timeframe, communication will take a paranormal step forward. I am witnessing more mental telepathy, discernment, and connection with spirit in our population. Spirit includes our angels, higher self, soul, God, the deceased, loved ones, and lost souls. As we enter space and time, we need to align ourselves with light and love to attract only that of light and love. Remembering energy flows where attention goes, the preface of the Law of Attraction. Focusing on the positive and love will minimize the dark forces. On a metaphysical level, we are called to align ourselves with God’s force. We are in a time of spiritual warfare. Remember that the dark entities are willful separations from light, which is God. Dark, or whatever name you want to attach to dark, satan, devil, demons, it doesn’t matter. Those dark energies are minimal compared to those of God. Know that having God with us prevents the dark energies from invading our space. Many people’s confusion is due to the alignment with dark instead of light.

This year, our company will continue to provide consultations and expand on teaching and training all those interested in being enlightened via metaphysical modalities. We will offer education in multi-faceted platforms. You can’t expect to see more explanatory content via blogs, newsletters, social media, posts, TikTokYouTube videos, presentations, lectures, classes, and books. Our mission is to help elevate consciousness through metaphysical teachings. Our primary focus will be astrology and psychic consultations and development. We welcome all questions and comments to be emailed to Ev.  

We wish you a New Year filled with love and light. Holistic Healing Astrology is your metaphysical and spiritual resource, incorporating astrology, psychic, and medium modalities

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