Your Birthday Brilliance/ Solar Secrets and the Incredible Astrology Within!

Astrology Chart

The sun returns to the exact position the day you were born on every birthday!  All the other planets will not be in the same spots, but the sun will be.  This celestial phenomenon is called a Solar Return.  It’s the current astrology chart of the sun’s natal chart position.  Astrologers consider Solar Return charts a predictive tool for the upcoming year.  From the intense decoding and analysis, you receive incredible information you can sink your teeth into!

Clients use astrology to discover themselves and know what trends are coming next year.  For those of you who want personalized, accurate monthly forecasts, astrologers use a lunar return chart. Or month.  It’s precise and offers terrific guidance.  I periodically provide specials that include yearly and monthly forecasts in a two-hour session.  It’s a buy-one-get-one offer. 

Many clients asked how the solar returns work.  Decoding the position of the sun plus the angles or relationships to the other planets.  Here’s an example. The anonymous client was born with the sun in the eighth house.  Her solar return sun position this year has moved to the eleventh house.  Now, the wants and desires of this person will be related to the eleventh house energy, Uranus and Aquarius.  The houses represent different areas of life.  Remember, the natal chart never changes.  The solar return chart changes annually.  The sun reveals where you show leadership or shine.  She was born to shine in transformation, death, supernatural phenomena, and other people’s money.  That is one of her life themes.  That leadership ability will stay the same.  Hopes and wishes, humanitarian efforts, and community are the focus of the eleventh house.  That emphasis lasts until her next birthday.  Doing these returns for clients is fun.  It can be done in one-hour sessions and costs $120.  People love it!