Powerful Answers From The Matrix: The Akasha

We hear about the Akashic Records or the Akasha; do we know what that means? Akasha is a Sanskrit word that means space, sky, or ethers. It’s a record of all the information from the creator. It has all the past knowledge and the future potential of the world. Think of it as the Universe’s Library. All past, present, and future documents reside there, where you and I can access them without a password or fee.

It wasn’t very easy to understand when I first heard the word (many years ago), but after much research and channeled data from people like Edgar Cayce, we have volumes of valuable insights. Interestingly, my first residence in Virginia Beach was the original Edgar Cayce home, where he did his famous readings. Strange? No, there are no things as coincidences. After 31 years, I am now an independent contractor for the Edgar Cayce ARE. If you are in the Virginia Beach area, check it out. Edgar Cayce was a sleeping prophet that tapped into the Akashic Records for his information which helped people heal. Cayce also mentioned there were three earthly locations of the records library. 

When I channel, use my oracle cards, Akashic Tarot, meditate, or automatic writing, I go into the Akashic Records using invisible energies and psychic powers. We all have those abilities, and I help all my clients who want to learn the process. Thank you again for all the suggestions and recommendations.

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