Do you know you have your internal GPS?




DoSummer Travel and Adventures you know you have your internal GPS (Global Positioning System)? Do you know how to use your GPS? Since we are in the Age of Aquarius, we are awakened and enlightened by being in tune with our intuition. Our intuition may be very subtle or very strong. How much you use your intuition will determine its strength. Our body is a bundle of energy with cords or threads coming and going from people, places, and things. Every time we experience, meet a person, or go somewhere, we develop strands or threads that transport energy, negative or positive. Your intuition is the energy that is traveling through the cables. The cords may be as thin as a spider thread or thick as a tree trunk. When you quiet your mind, you’ll get sensations and impressions. That is your intuition at work.

Feelings and sensations are the mind overthinking or the ego confusing you. The ego or the mind will be negative, whereas intuition is spontaneous and without any doubts. The ego tells you what you should do, making you feel guilty and not loving. Your intuition speaks lovingly to you. Your ego will question your intuition and could instill fear or other negative feelings.

Let’s clarify intuitive impressions with some examples. You have a distinct feeling about going to a particular store at a specific time. It usually is spontaneous. You have no doubts and get to the store, then find a long-lost friend on your mind at the checkout line.

Have you ever decided to change your usual route to work to find out later that there’s a multiple-car crash on the regular road? There are documented cases of people who worked at the World Trade Center on 9-11 who decided not to go to work last minute. They were spared and lived to talk about their intuitive impressions of not going to work or going to work later.

Intuition is communication from our guides, higher self, and angels speaking to us. I was not part of the 1972 Munich Olympic Massacre. My original flight from Athens to Munich left the airport on time; I missed the flight because I got mixed up with the military time 14:00 and thought it was 4:00 PM. Therefore, I didn’t witness the Munich Olympic Massacre.

Consider paying attention to your GPS or intuition. The more you practice using it, the stronger your intuition will become. Like any muscle, the more you use, the more potent, and the less you use it, the less you lose it.