Pluto: Giving Up Your Power.

I was stunned to see a beautiful young woman on TikTok holding up a jar with her removed uterus! I’m unsure why, but I know it was not due to any pathology or disease; it’s elective gender preference.

In Western astrology, Pluto is associated with the sign of Scorpio and the eighth house. Pluto and Scorpio could represent surgery, going into the depths and sex organs.  Power is another popular keyword of Pluto.

The current trend of removing body parts or self-mutilation disturbs me.  I am not judging, just observing, and I can speak to this with over twenty years of medical experience. I believe in freedom of self-expression, and if you want to call yourself he, she, they: whatever, it’s your choice. What I want to stress is purely educational, not personal.  Once a reproductive organ, like the uterus, is removed, one cannot get a new one and produce a child without a healthy uterus. It’s considered an irreversible change, which in astrology is represented by Pluto.

Anyone can transition from one sex to another, I know Johns Hopkins Medical Center does gender organ transplants. You can look it up on Johns Hopkin’s YouTube Channel. Be aware of any surgical gender changes for the rest of your life; you’ll take hormones.  Most of the testimonies I’ve read say the pain after such an operation is excruciating.

As a reminder, there is a time limit on taking hormones. There are grave side effects of long-term hormones or steroids.  Once the sex organ is removed, the person is sterile; artificial fertility treatments will be necessary. Fertility treatments and procedures are intense, deal with many hormones, have many side effects and are expensive. The expression “Buyer Beware” is critical now.

Consider what I say before you give away your power of conceiving or having a baby naturally. Don’t believe Google, TikTok, or online references. You must research is published in medical journals.  Journal don’t dummy down the article, which may make it difficult to understand unless you are medically trained.

Also, look at who benefits from these irreversible experimental procedures. Are doctors being ethical in performing surgeries that are very complex, extremely painful, have no recourse, and involve lifelong use of pharmaceuticals? I cannot imagine taking pills from age 12 up to 90!  Add up the costs; financial, emotional, physical, social, and spiritual costs.

Pluto not only deals with power, but it also represents irreversible change. I’m seeing so many people making irreversible decisions. The decisions have no scientific data because the technology is new. Time will tell through the evolution of humanity how this will play out.