Astrology Made Super Easy: Decoding Your Natal Chart

  1. The astrology wheel represents the sky at a particular time; your birthday, a future date, or a wedding day.
  2. The symbol of the wheel contains the circle (360°), divided into 12 parts containing the houses and signs.
  3. The signs are always in consecutive order and contain 30°. (0° 0′- 29° 59′ Read zero degrees zero minutes through twenty-nine degrees fifty-nine minutes)
  4. The houses are always in consecutive order (numbers 1 – 12), Starting at the 9 o’clock position of a clock.
  5. The astrology wheel contains two hemispheres, four quadrants, and twelve houses.
  6. Houses vary in size depending on the calculation of the horoscope. (You calculate the horoscope with computer software)
  7. The planets and stars are part of the horoscope calculation. There are theoretical points, such as the north and south nodes and the Part of Fortune, which I use and find very useful.
  8. Once the horoscope chart is ready to view, the fun begins.
  9. Each sign, house, and planet position is at a specific degree and minute. For example, the Sun is in 13° Cancer 29′.
  10. Each position has a relationship with the others through aspects. (Geometric relationship)
  11. The horoscope uses symbols for each component.
  12. Learning the Astrology language takes memorization and practice. Having the cheat sheets will help you memorize while you are practicing.

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