Journey of the Soul: 7 Profound Psychic Insights

Having done over 500 psychic readings in two years, I learned about society and humanity. As a former scientist, I questioned how the information came to me. After years of analysis, I can share some insights. 

#1 I get messages from the voice of the sitter (the person having the reading). The longer a person speaks, the more information that comes through. Water goes through a tiny straw, then increases until it’s a river of data. Sometimes, I need help to keep up. It’s like a download of words, feelings, sights, smells, and sounds, which trigger my senses. Sometimes, I astound myself as much as the sitter. I could tell you hundreds of stories, but what’s interesting is how precise and accurate the readings can be. 

#2 When the sitter is adequately hydrated and drank enough water, that helps with the connection. It takes at least 15-20 minutes to answer one question. If you have several questions, a longer time is needed. Being under the influence of alcohol or drugs will weaken the reading. The messages will need to be more precise and accurate. I don’t recommend it! 

#3 Believe it or not, having a healthy diet will maximize the reading. The healthy body’s electrical circuitry is optimal, and the spirit works through electrical charges. I know thoughts travel; if you don’t believe that, think about someone or look at someone’s back as you think of them. What do they do? They turn around and look at you. If you have yet to experience that, try it! 

#4 I find spirit guides, angels, and departed loved ones come through to give messages to the sitter. It is a team approach. A loved one who has passed will continue to love you. They are around and are willing to help.

#5 Many times, I use words that are exact words that their loved one used. Evidential medium readings provide uncanny details that validate the information. These are not coincidences; they are called synchronicities. All synchronicities prove that the invisible world of guides, spirits, and angels is helping you solve a problem.

#6 I am guided to share tips and recommendations that help in daily life. For example, I always remind my clients to call on their angels and guides for help every day! Why? If we don’t ask for help, they cannot guide us without our request. We have freeSpiritual, clouds, Cope will, which means the guides cannot intervene. Only in life and death cases will angels intervene, especially if you pray for protection and guidance. Even if someone else prays for you, those prayers work.

#7 I do a morning ritual to prepare for my day. Because of my delicate and intimate work, I thank God for my life; I pray for those who need help and the world. I cleanse my space by incensing or with sound. When beginners start to experiment with the invisible energies and don’t take precautions, unwanted energies may visit. I keep all my work God-based. It’s God’s gift to me to help those in need. I’ve spent hours researching the Gifts of the Spirit. I’ve engaged in Bible study for over 35 years. The Bible has stories of miracles, healings, gifts, and fruits of the Holy Spirit. We struggle with supernatural unknowns because we learn early on that we don’t have imaginary friends; anything supernatural is terrible and scary. After decades of study and research, we are all entitled to these gifts. I wholeheartedly know my talents came from God, who created the universe!