An Astrological Look at the Solar Eclipse and Mercury Retrograde

Solar eclipses occur when a new moon occurs within 10° of the North or South Node of the Moon.  On April 20, we will witness a Solar Eclipse in Aries and the dreaded Mercury Retrograde in Taurus the next day!  

A solar eclipse in Aries typically indicates a time of significant changes related to selfishness, I am, me first, and aggression,  which will shake up things because Aries in 29° is super intense!  Eclipses are new moons on steroids; the upcoming eclipse may also raise issues about your purpose and life’s journey.  Those with 0° to 9° in fixed signs or 25° to 29° may be super challenged. 

Eclipse energies last around six months and are very powerful.  It’s a great time to set intentions for the next six months.  Remember that this eclipse is part of a T-Square pattern involving Pluto and Jupiter.  Pluto represents intensity, irreversible change, discomfort, and letting go of the ego, remembering Aries represents the ego.  Jupiter expands everything, making it more prominent, but it also looks at the big picture.  

Simultaneously, Mercury retrograde in Taurus can bring communication or mental challenges.  Retrogrades are a time to review, rewind, relax, and not take action, especially concerning practical matters such as finances and possessions.  Be careful of misunderstandings and miscommunications.  It’s essential to take extra care to ensure clarity.

When combined with the nodes, this could be a time to reflect on our life’s journey and purpose about material possessions and how we communicate about them.  It may be a time to re-evaluate our values and priorities and make any necessary adjustments.  The retrograde energy may provide an opportunity to revisit and revise past decisions related to money and love.  Overall, this period may require patience and a willingness to adapt to unexpected changes in our world of love and tangible goods.  This is a great time to get an astrology forecast.