Unveiling the Mysteries of Evidential Medium Readings: Connecting to the Universe

Are you curious about what an evidential medium reading is?  Well, wonder no more! As an expert in the field of mediumship, I’m here to give you a brief yet powerful definition and example of evidential medium readings.

First and foremost, an evidential medium reading is a form of communication between a medium and a deceased loved one. Remember, when we cross over, we are NOT dead; we merely lose our physicality and remain pure energy. Mediums use their God-given abilities to connect with spirits on the other side and convey messages, emotions, and evidence of their continued existence to the living.

This type of reading is known for providing specific details and information that only the loved one would know, proving their continued presence.  During an evidential medium reading, you can expect to receive messages and evidence unique to your loved one, such as their personality traits, habits, memories, or physical descriptions. This can help you validate their presence and feel a sense of peace and comfort, knowing they are still with you.

It’s important to note that while mediums can facilitate these connections, they prepare behind the scenes to ensure all energies are of the light. Spirit usually, through synchronicity, connects the medium with the living loved one. It’s very common for spirits to make daily connections with loved ones to help through trauma or life events or for guidance. However, these messages are always important and can provide valuable insights and clarity.

So, why choose an evidential medium reading over other forms of communication with the spirit world? Well, it provides a level of accuracy and detail that can be difficult to achieve through other means. It can also bring a sense of closure and healing to grieving people, allowing them to connect with their loved ones and receive messages of love and support.

Today, I am the special guest psychic at Edgar Cayce’s Association of Research and Enlightenment (A.R.E). My first three clients, strangers to me, came in separately. They all had different personalities and requests.

During the second reading, I noticed that a female loved one wanted to give a message. Remember, each session is only twenty minutes long enough to connect and receive the details from spirit. I use at least three decks of Oracle cards to get the most accurate message.

When the last woman, who turned out to be a skeptic, came in for her reading, the female spirit flooded my mind with all the evidence the skeptic needed to believe this type of stuff was real! The synchronicities were too numerous to mention. When we all united to share our realization that she had a message for all of them, they were blown away. The energy was so high we were on cloud 9. We departed with huge hugs and lots of love.

In conclusion, evidential medium readings are powerful for communicating with spirits and receiving messages of evidence, validation, and comfort. If you’re considering spiritual consultation, choose a reputable and experienced medium that can help facilitate a meaningful connection.