Astrology Natal Chart

Astrology is a remarkable and ancient symbolic language studying cosmic cycles and positions. It’s a science and an art that helps you plan life strategies.
The natal astrology chart uniquely represents the sky at the moment of your birth. This fantastic chart narrates a detailed and helpful, empowering description of your life’s journey. This chart is a co-created soul contract or an owner’s life manual offering a plan of action illustrating all possibilities.

As a professional astrologer, I decode your chart in easy-to-understand language that helps you recognize your life’s purpose. I offer you ways to navigate your life without fear or judgment.

Accurately translating the symbolism of your natal chart, which contains thousands of details, requires time and an interactive conversation during your consultation. Clients actively participate in their future. The astrology chart NEVER controls the person; there’s never undesirable info!

Why get a natal chart consultation? As a plan of action, the natal astrology chart describes all areas of your life. Your chart gives clarity, direction, purpose, inspiration, and empowerment. Understanding your chart helps you to be the best you can be and know yourself. It’s the most robust metaphysical tool with a five thousand-year history.

It is the first time in recorded human records that ordinary people can afford to use a professional astrologer. The best time to get your horoscope cast is at birth.  All parents benefit tremendously from having a natal chart calculated for each child, including all your pets.

Astrology helps with compatibility, future forecasting, consoling, and planning life events. Are you ready to open your owner’s life manual?  We start with your date, place, and time of birth. If you don’t have your exact birth time, it’s ok; we can figure it out! Once you experience the practicality of astrology, life becomes a fantastic journey!